I love to share with my teacher peeps!  Click the links below to download FREE resources from my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Academic Discourse in the Science Classroom– A printable one pager for students.  Use this resource to provide sentence starters for students when engaging in discussions.  I love this for my English Learners especially!

Letters to Astronauts Writing Activity– My students couldn’t get enough of astronaut life during our space unit.  All throughout our space lessons I played videos showing life on the International Space Station.  The students were fascinated and astronaut Chris Hadfield became our class hero.  So I came up with this fun writing activity.  It took about one class period and the students loved the idea of actually connecting with the new class of NASA astronauts.

The Power of Positive Framing– I’m not gonna lie, classroom management is my weakness.  My friend Lauren listened to hours and hours of Voxer messages from me about how I just couldn’t get my 8th graders to do what I wanted them to.  Since she’s an instructional coach and an all around amazing teacher, she shared the strategy of Positive Framing with me.  She even made this worksheet to help!  Happy Teacher time!